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Zapier Facebook lead ads: Next-Level Lead Ad Workflows

Key Takeaways

  • Zapier enhances lead generation on Facebook by seamlessly integrating lead ads with over 7000 applications. It offers limitless possibilities for managing and nurturing leads efficiently.
  • Streamline marketing workflows with Zapier by connecting Facebook lead ads to Google Sheets, MailChimp, and Webhooks, optimizing efficiency, reducing manual work, and ensuring real-time updates.
  • Utilize the combined power of Zapier, Facebook lead ads, and Google Sheets to create a streamlined lead generation workflow, increasing efficiency, saving time, and providing real-time data updates.
  • Integrate MailChimp with Facebook lead ads through Zapier to automate marketing tasks, streamline data flow, and enhance efficiency, allowing businesses to reach a broader audience and grow faster.
  • Connect Facebook lead ads and Webhooks with Zapier to automate lead generation processes, streamline sales efforts, and enhance marketing workflows, offering endless possibilities for automation and efficiency.

Streamline your processes with Zapier Facebook lead ads. It provides the ability to capture and manage leads efficiently for business success. Facebook lead ads have come out as a powerful tool for lead generation. It allows businesses to collect valuable customer information directly from the Facebook platform. When you add Zapier Facebook leads ads to your workflow, you will have limitless possibilities to optimize your lead generation process.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a powerful automation platform that connects you with 7000+ applications. It helps you automate your repeated tasks by just creating a simple “Zap.” A Zap consists of triggers and actions based on specific events. When you combine Facebook lead ads with Zapier, you can have limitless possibilities to manage and nurture your leads.

What are facebook lead ads

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook lead ads are specialized ad formats specially designed to simplify the process of gathering information from potential customers. Lead ads allow users to submit their details, such as name, email, phone number, address, and more. This streamlined process increases the conversion rate for businesses that are looking to grow their clientele.  

What are Zapier Facebook Lead Ads?

Zapier acts as a bridge between Facebook lead ads and your workflow. It’s like having an assistant who takes the collected information from your ads and seamlessly passes it to your other apps. It helps you save time by reducing manual data entry and keeps track of your every lead.

Why should you use Zapier Facebook Lead Ads?

Think that when someone shows interest in your product or service through a Facebook ad. Instead of manually transferring their lead information to your CRM, email, or spreadsheet, which is time-consuming and prone to errors, Using Zapier, you can automate this process without losing any leads from your hand.  


  • Zapier seamlessly links Facebook lead ads with 7000+ apps for efficient lead management.
  • Facebook lead ads to Google Sheets, MailChimp, and Webhooks, reducing manual work and optimizing workflows.
  • Google Sheets integration ensures real-time access to lead data, aiding quick decision-making.
  • Zapier automates lead data transfer, saving time and minimizing errors.
  • Integration with MailChimp automates marketing tasks, expanding business reach.
  • Linking Facebook lead ads and Webhooks with Zapier offers numerous efficiency possibilities.


  • Initial setup may require time for new users.
  • Advanced features may require a paid Zapier subscription.
  • It relies on third-party platform APIs and is vulnerable to changes or outages.
  • Managing complex workflows can be challenging for some users.
  • Data exchange across platforms raises privacy issues.
  • Zapier’s performance affects integration functionality, subject to downtime or technical glitches.

Automate Lead Management with Zapier’s Facebook Lead Ads

Connect Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier

    • Sign in to Zapier and create a Zap.

    • Search and select “Facebook Lead Ads” as the trigger app.

    • Choose the trigger event “New Lead” to activate the Zap when a new lead is generated on Facebook.

    • Follow the prompts to authorize Zapier to access your Facebook ads account.

Design Your Workflow:

    • Decide on the specific actions you want to automate for lead management.

    • Determine whether you want to capture or qualify leads directly before adding them to your CRM or email list.

Set Trigger and Action

    • For the trigger, select “New Lead” from Facebook Lead Ads.

    • For the action, choose an app to add the lead data to, such as:
        • CRM: If you use a CRM tool like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Zoho CRM, select the action to create a new lead or contact entry.

        • Email Marketing: If you use an email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, choose the action to add the lead to your subscriber list.

        • Google Sheets: If you prefer to store leads in a spreadsheet, select the action to add a new row to a Google Sheets document.

Test Your Zap

    • After configuring the trigger and action, run a test to ensure that the Zap functions correctly.

    • Verify that lead data is captured from Facebook Lead Ads and accurately transferred to your app.

Activate Your Zap

    • Once testing is successful, activate the Zap to start automating lead management.

    • Your Zap will now run automatically whenever a new lead is generated on Facebook, seamlessly adding them to your CRM, email list, or other designated destination.

Zapier Facebook lead ads offer great benefits such as time savings, improved lead quality, reduced manual work, and enhanced analytics. You will have more time to focus on converting leads and optimizing your campaigns. 

Top 3 Most Common Integrations of Zapier + Facebook with Other Apps

Facebook is a powerhouse for engagement and data collection that most businesses tap into; however, managing Facebook’s capabilities often requires connecting it into workflows with other tools via Zapier for automation. Now, explore the top three popular ways professionals integrate Facebook and other apps through Zapier – including capturing lead data, syncing with ad platforms like Google and HubSpot for optimization, and leveraging Facebook Messenger for automated messaging and support. Walkthroughs of real-world examples will showcase how businesses, large and small, use these critical Facebook automation to unify data, improve ad targeting, streamline support, and ultimately get more value out of their Facebook presence.

Zapier facebook lead ads to Google sheets

Zapier Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheets

Facebook Lead Ads is a powerful tool to capture leads, while Google Sheets is flexible in managing data. You can create a seamless workflow by combining these two with Zapier to transfer your leads from Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheets with a step-by-step guide and create a streamlined lead generation workflow.

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a web-based application developed by Google. It is a free alternative to Microsoft Excel. It helps users create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets online.

How to set up the integration between Facebook lead ads and Google Sheets using Zapier

    • Create a Zapier account 
      To get started, create a Zapier account. Once you have your account, you are ready to create your first Zap.

    • Create a Zap for Facebook Lead Ads
      Click on the “Make a Zap” in your Zapier dashboard. Make sure that you select Facebook lead ads as your trigger. 

    • Configure the trigger and actions
      Select the trigger to start the workflow, which is a new lead from your Facebook lead ad. The action is the task you want to perform, like adding this lead to Google Sheets.

    • Mapping data from Facebook to Google Sheets
      To ensure that the information flows seamlessly, you will map the data fields from the Facebook lead ads form to the corresponding columns in your Google Sheets document. 

    • Testing your Zap
      Before launching your Zap, test your Zap to ensure that the automation is working correctly. Zapier also has a testing feature that allows you to simulate the workflow without affecting your data.

    • Monitor your Zap:
      Once your Zap starts running, you can monitor its performance and receive notifications of any error. Monitor your Zap to ensure that your automation is working seamlessly.

Zapier Facebook lead ads to Google Sheets integration help you increase your efficiency, save you hours of work, reduce manual work and errors, and provide you the facility of real-time updates. This bold approach will help you stay on top of your leads.

Zapier facebook lead ads to Mailchimp

Boost Your Marketing with Zapier: Connect Facebook Lead Ads and MailChimp

It is not easy to stay ahead of others and reach out to your targeted audience. MailChimp and Facebook ads are two of the powerful tools from which you can significantly boost your marketing efforts. They offer a powerful combination of tools for businesses of all sizes to reach out to their targeted audience and grow their business. Zapier is a third-party tool that connects you to 7000+ applications, which means you can automate your marketing tasks easily.

But wait, there is more: Mailchimp Facebook lead ads integration using Zapier can take your marketing efforts to new heights. 

What is MailChimp?

Mailchimp is a platform for email marketing and automation. Every individual can use it to send email campaigns, manage email lists, and track email campaign progress. It has other features, such as landing page creation, social media integration, and e-commerce integration. Mailchimp is also known for its ease of use and wide range of features. It is a popular choice for most businesses because of its affordable prices, which can help you reach your audience and grow your business.

Benefits of Mailchimp Facebook lead ads integration

Zapier is a powerful automation tool that can help you save precious time by automating your manual tasks involved in marketing, such as adding new leads to your email list or creating Facebook ads. It will help you focus on more important work.

Zapier can help you streamline your marketing processes by automating the flow of data between Mailchimp and Facebook lead ads. It can lead you to increased efficiency and productivity. You can reach more people and grow your business faster by automating your marketing tasks. 

MailChimp Facebook Lead Ads Integration process with Zapier

    • Create an account; if you have one already, then log into your Zapier account.

    • After logging in, click on the “Make a new Zap.” button.

    • Choose Facebook lead ads as a trigger app and click on the “Continue” button.    

    •  Select the Facebook page and the specific lead form that you want to use.

    • Now, test the trigger to ensure everything is working properly.

    • Connect the Mailchimp app as a trigger and select Add or Update a subscriber as an event.

    • Select the Mailchimp list to which you want to add the new leads.

    • Set up the email field to add the lead to the Mailchimp campaign.

    • Test your Zap to make sure that it is working properly.

    • Now, turn on the Zap, and it will start running automatically.

Whenever a new lead is generated from the Facebook lead ad, it will automatically be added to your MailChimp list. You can create Zaps to automate different tasks related to Mailchimp and Facebook.

Using a combined force of Mailchimp Facebook lead ads integration with Zapier allows marketers to seamlessly connect their email marketing and advertising efforts. By utilizing the power of automation, you can streamline your marketing campaigns and stay ahead in the world’s fierce competition.

So why wait? Start integrating Mailchimp and Facebook lead ads through Zapier and take your business to new heights.

Zapier facebook lead ads to webhook

Facebook Lead Ads and Webhook Integration with Zapier

What is Webhook?

Webhook is a way for two applications to communicate with each other. It allows one application to send data to another application when a certain event occurs.

For example, a Webhook could be used to send a notification to a CRM system when a new lead is generated on a website.

Zapier is an automation tool, and it connects you with different applications without having to write any code. It means that you can use Zapier to integrate Facebook Lead Ads and Webhook, allowing you to automate your marketing workflow.

Benefits of integrating Webhooks and Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier

Zapier can automatically send your Facebook Lead Ads leads to your CRM system, email marketing platform, or other marketing tools. It will save you time and ensure that your leads are always up-to-date. So it can also help you divide your leads based on their information from Facebook Lead Ads. 

It allows you to streamline your sales so you can improve your sales and close more deals by automating your lead generation process and dividing your leads.

How to integrate Facebook Lead Ads and Webhooks with Zapier?

    • Create a new Zap on Zapier.

    • Select Facebook Lead Ads as your trigger app and New Lead as your trigger event.

    • Connect your Facebook Lead Ads account to Zapier.

    • Select Webhooks by Zapier as your action app and POST as your action event.

    • Enter the URL of the API endpoint in the URL field.

    • In the Body field, enter the data that you want to send to your API endpoint. You can use the data from the Facebook Lead Ads lead by clicking on the Insert field button and selecting the data field that you want to insert.

    • Click Test & Review to test your Zap.

    • Once you are happy with your Zap, click Turn on Zap to enable it.

Once your Zap is published, Zapier will automatically send your Facebook Lead Ads leads to your Webhook endpoint. You can then use your Webhook endpoint to send the leads to your CRM system, email marketing platform, or other marketing tools.

How to use Webhooks and Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier?

Here are a few examples of how you can use Webhooks and Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier to automate your marketing workflow:

    • You can send new Facebook Lead Ads leads to your CRM system and also to your email marketing platform.

    • When a new lead is generated from a Facebook Lead Ad, you can notify your sales team.

    • Segment your Facebook Lead Ads leads based on their information and send them more targeted and relevant messages.

    • You can create a new contact in your CRM system and add a new subscriber to your email list for each new lead.

Easy Aiz - Automation That Works

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Whether you need to connect your leads to Google Sheets, Mailchimp or Webhook, we can make every possible integration you require.

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Zapier Facebook lead ads not working: Learn How to Fix Them

If your Zapier integration with Facebook lead ads suddenly stops working, there are a few common issues to check. First, log into your Facebook Ads Manager account and confirm the lead ad form is still active and properly configured to capture lead data. Also check your Zapier dashboard to see if any recent errors are being logged, like authorization errors or connectivity issues.

Make sure that your Facebook developer token integrated with Zapier hasn’t expired and still has API access. Try re-authenticating the Facebook connection in Zapier and retesting the trigger. Also verify your Zapier subscription is still active and has allotted tasks remaining for the month. If issues persist, reach out to Zapier and Facebook support to see if there are any known platform issues. With a systematic process of elimination, you can typically resolve most integration problems.


Staying efficient and effective is the utmost choice. Integrating Facebook lead ads with Zapier through Webhooks is a game-changing strategy. Using their combined strength with Zapier can evaluate your business productivity and sales. It streamlines your processes, reduces data errors, and allows personalized follow-ups. These are key components of the market campaign. The future of the market is here, and it’s more automated and efficient than ever before.


Can I use Zapier with Mailchimp?

Yes, you can use Zapier to connect Mailchimp and Facebook Lead Ads. Select MailChimp as the action in your Zap after the Facebook Lead Ad as the trigger. It will automatically add new leads to designated Mailchimp lists.

Are you having trouble with your Facebook page not showing up on Zapier?

If your Facebook Page is not showing in Zapier, ensure you have specifically granted access to that Page during Facebook authentication under the App Dashboard. Double-check that it is not restricted in the Facebook app settings.

How do I give Zapier access to my Facebook page?

To give Zapier access to your Facebook page, Connect your account in Zapier from the App Dashboard, choose which specific Facebook Pages you want access to when prompted, and restrict page permissions as needed.

What is the best CRM for Facebook Ads?

HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, and other popular CRMs are great choices for Facebook ads. These CRMs integrate seamlessly with Zapier, allowing you to automatically capture leads from Facebook in your CRM contacts and pipelines.

How do I send Facebook leads to email with Zapier?

You can use Zapier to send Facebook leads to email services like Mailchimp by setting up a Zap with Facebook Lead Ad as the trigger app and the email platform as the action app. Then, map the lead fields to match the email list fields and activate the Zap.

How do I get Facebook leads on Webhook?

To get Facebook leads via Webhook, you must build a custom Webhook that captures lead data from the Facebook Graph API when a form is submitted. Register the Webhook in Zapier as a trigger app, then add actions to complete your automation.

How do I connect Zapier to Facebook lead ads?

To connect Zapier to Facebook lead ads, create a Zap with a Facebook Lead Ad as the trigger app, authenticate your Facebook ad account, and then select the specific lead ad as the trigger event, add your desired action apps like CRM, email services, spreadsheets, map the lead fields and turn on the Zap.

What if I make changes to my Facebook lead ad form? Will Zapier still work?

Zapier is flexible and can adapt to changes in your lead ad form. You can easily update your Zap to accommodate these changes.

Is Zapier difficult to set up?

Not at all! Zapier has a user-friendly interface and a simple setup process, and it is even guided for beginners.

Can I use Zapier with other platforms besides Facebook and Google Sheets?

Absolutely! Zapier has a vast library of applications. It bridges you and 7000+ applications, allowing you to work with your favourite app.

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