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Ashar Malik (CEO Of Easy Aiz)

Ashar Malik started EasyAiz with a vision to improve the digital industry , He embarked on the creation of Easy Aiz with a singular goal – “To Redefine Opportunities For Businesses Through The Power Of Automation“. 

Ashar’s life philosophy centers around faith, business, and work. Faith forms the foundation of beliefs and values that shape worldviews. When Ashar isn’t busy automating the world, he’s known for his offbeat sense of humor and a knack for turning even the most mundane tasks into laugh-out-loud adventures.

 Ashar’s journey with EasyAiz began with a dedication to streamline and automate workflows for businesses worldwide. With a background in the Automation Industry and a heart that beats to the rhythm of innovation, he’s not your typical CEO. He’s often caught turning the office into a playground for new ideas.

In Easyaiz, my dreams aren't just whispered in the dark; they're vibrant tapestries woven with the threads of connection. Here, I'm not just chasing goals, I'm surrounded by kindred spirits, each one cheering me on as we transform, together, into the best versions of ourselves. It's more than a platform; it's a homecoming for the soul.

Ashar Malik


Chaudhry Ayan Waraich Jutt

Ayan Waraich

(Zapier Expert)

Where automation outranks profession becomes a passion, Ayan shines. His expertise in Zapier automation elevates him as a key team member, infusing success into every automation project.

Zohaib Ali

Zohaib Ali

(Javascript Developer)

In the world of coding excellence, He’s the go-to expert for developing responsive, interactive, and automated solutions, serving a pivotal role in the mission to create a seamless and dynamic digital world solutions.

Muhammad Sadique Chandio


(SEO Expert)

Our SEO specialist at EasyAiz, dedicates his days in optimizing websites for search engines. His expertise plays a vital role in enhancing online visibility and driving organic growth. He is the secret sauce behind our online visibility and organic growth.

Hammad Abbasi


(Project Manager)

As a Project Manager at EasyAiz, Hammad has an essential role in providing excellent client solutions. His superb leadership, top-notch organizational abilities, and hawk-like eye for detail ensure the success of each project.

Syed Fahad Hussain


(Content Writer)

Content specialist at EasyAiz, he uses enchanted content spells to help individuals and businesses overcome problems. His beautiful language is critical to EasyAiz’s aim, helping to generate appealing writing and communication.


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