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Automate Workflows By Connecting Apps

Nowadays, we are engaged with multiple tasks which can be overwhelming. Therefore, to save time and simplify work, automation would be a great move. Our Zapier experts will set up all your automation to reduce your manual work so you can focus on core competencies. 

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Benefits of Hiring a Zapier expert

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Save Valuable Time

Save time

Zapier is one of the most powerful tools that free up your valuable time and allow you to focus on more important work. By choosing Zapier, you are out of Logging in and out of things for every business platform you are using. 

All you need to set up once and save countless hours. Our Zapier experts will streamline your process and help you in growing your Business.

Level up your business

Collaborating with zapier experts can truly level up your business. Once you are done with automation. Your focus will be on other necessary tasks such as growth, marketing, and innovation. Above all, you can have some free hours for well-deserving relaxation for yourself. It will help you to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to ever-changing market demands.

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Reduce manual errors

Zapier ensures Error free automation, but manual work is full of risks. Zapier is more focused on greater care while doing automation.

Reducing errors will help you focus on the bigger picture. Including Zapier in your business enhances your efficiency and sales. 

With the proper guidance of Zapier experts, you can minimize manual errors and position your business for greater success.

Remove confusions

Zapier consultants organize everything very clearly. They allow a complications-free process that is understandable and easy to run. 

There is no confusion left behind while processing automation under the observation of  Zapier specialists.

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Why do you need a Zapier expert?

Zapier experts are Automation Nerds!! What does an automation expert do?

Zapier Certified Experts converts Hours into minutes. See, how? There skills in automation and expertise with Zapier make them specialists in Zapier automation. An Automation-certified person can easily be differentiated through his efficiency from the progress of a non-automation person who spends hundreds of hours working manually.
An automation consultant helps individuals and Businesses create a workflow that meets their needs and desired results. Be quick, save time, and Adopt Automations!!

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Over 6000+ apps to choose from

Whether it’s a notification about the new form submission from Typeform to Slack or a new email on Gmail that needs to be transferred to your Dropbox, Zapier will handle it all for you.

Zapier supports all the necessary apps that you use in your daily business work. You can also explore 5000+ apps that support Zapier integration and automate your work.

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Customized Solutions we provide

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Automate your tasks

Your Time is saved, and your money is protected by automating all
your manual tasks, and your chances for your business growth
are increased through our error-free automation.

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Zaps errors troubleshooting

With the expertise of our team, all errors that are being
experienced by you will be fixed to bring your Automation back on track.

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Our Zapier expert provides you with a consultation call to help
you optimize your Business process and to help you optimize your
workflow after discussing your current setup.

What automations you need help with?

Client OnBoarding

Client on boarding

Primarily dealing with clients and introducing your services is the first step in a client onboarding process. Our Zapier Experts are here to assist you with better results.

Sales Process, Wordpress Google Sheets Gmail Slack Google Calendar Trello Google Drive Calendly ClickFunnels

Sales Process

From leads to sales; automation is available and needed at every stage of your sales process. Our Zapier Experts will help you maintain a successful sales process.

Social Media

Social Media, Facebook Instagram Twitter

A Zapier Expert can help you with social media apps by streamlining your management tasks and optimizing workflows.

Why clients love us.

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Amazing work! He went above and beyond to set up a Zap to automate my emails + update my email list so I don't have to worry about it being done manually. He was very quick with delivering services, was very friendly, responsive to my messages & questions! Looking forward to working with him again!
Read More
Fantastic to work with on a complex automation project. I spoke to Ashar a couple of times before he started working on the project which was very helpful to ensure we both understood the goals, limitations, and mechanics of this Zapier automation. He completed the project quickly, and most importantly, with accuracy. I'd highly recommend working with him if you have any Zapier requirements and I look forward to working with Ashar on future automation projects wherever possible.
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Excellent work! I would highly recommend. Quick, responsive, professional and eased my work tremendously. I’m so glad I have a working Zapier flow. I was to the point of a breakdown trying to figure it out and he saved my day and many hours for me. He understood the job! Thanks so much!! I will use for future Zapier needs and more services
Read More
Consultant was very timely and responsive. Request was complete expeditiously.
Read More
Very fast to reply, friendly and easy to communicate with! Great to have a Zapier expert ready to make our visions work! Thank you!
Read More
Amazing, communication was first class, the job sounded easy but turned out to be a bit of a longer process due to a firewall, asharmalik888 kept going until the job was fully completed, if your looking for an honest, hard working, and committed person to complete the work then this is your guy! He will get the job done
Read More
Ashar was great. I dont know nothing about automations and really did not know what to expect, but he was patients with me and walked me through every zap and automation. I highly recommend him. He was great. I will defenetly work with him again. Pricing was perfect
Read More
Ashar provided an excellent work around when we ran into some software limitations. I am super excited to complete our build out for this automation I highly recommend!
Read More
Amazing to work with Ashar! I highly highly recommend him. He was the only person to be able to fix my integration with Zapier and GHL and fixed it. I am so impressed with how fast he figured it out as well as his customer service. Absolutely amazing! Thanks Ashar!
Read More
Wow! I am thoroughly impressed with the outcome. It was fast and efficient and solved a problem we have needed to fix for a long time! Thank you!
Read More
Perfect! There were a lot of issues with salesforce that the seller had no control over. He was able to work through all of them and complete the project! I would highly recommend for any and all projects you have
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I hired asharmalik888 to help me with a data integration from manychat to HubSpot ( thru Zappier) for Instagram and WhatsApp chatbot, and it turned out a very good job. The chatbot was built in Spanish but despite language limitation, we managed to connect by zoom to help him with the translation of some data properties. Yes, I would hire him again for new projects.
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He worked extremely fast. He fixed my zap problem within 30 minutes. I had spent 3 days trying to make it work and Ashars expertise allowed me to trust him and fix it. Thank you Ashar. I highly recommend him
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Ashar was thankfully able to do what we requested, which was something that other sellers could not. We're very happy with his service, communication and the results that he provided. Thanks!
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Ashar was SO FAST with his turnaround and completed 8 different tasks for me in under two hours! He was extremely helpful and had everything tested and working very promptly. I will definitely use him again for future work! THANK YOU! 🙂

With 99.9% uptime, your business-critical workflows will never get halted


Your data's safety is on top priority with top-notch security

Cost Effective

Save cost by automating multiple tasks without requiring further employees

How we work


Understand your business process

Will discover your Business, its needs and requirements, and Automation possibilities.


Propose the solution

We will discover and propose the best solution after going into deep research into your business needs.


Implementation of proposal

After understanding problems, and proposing a solution, it comes over to the implementation stage. It is made sure that the implementation is accurate and
up to the mark.



There is always room for improvement, therefore your automation will be tested before the final evolution and if any improvement.



Once automation starts working for you it evolves, so our automation experts will
Always be there to add or implement any required automation as per your business needs.

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All Your questions answered

Leave us a message
What is Zapier? And how can it benefit my business?

Zapier is an automation tool that enables you to connect different Apps and automate your daily tasks.
It will reduce chance of errors, save time and increases productivity of your Business

How can EasyAiz.com can help me automate my business processes using Zapier?

EasyAiz.com will assist you in streamlining process of your business for bringing better outputs.
The experts in EasyAiz.com are always there to provide you Zapier integration by suggesting you the right Zapier workflow which will definitely lead you towards better outcomes for your business.

What type of Businesses you collaborate with?

We join different businesses from different backgrounds and sizes, small level to large businesses.
We have worked with a variety of industries which includes finance, e-commerce, health and more.

What do we do with Zapier?

We are working with a large range of Zapier services. It includes Zapier integration, Zapier automation consultation, Zapier maintenance and setup for your Business workflows

What is our cost for automation?

Actually it depends on the complexity of your needs for integration and number of workflows you required. For a better solution we are offering a customized pricing plan to meet the unique needs of each Business we work with

Can you provide case study and client reviews of your clients you have worked with in past?

Yes, definitely we will be pleased to share the worthy review of our clients as we have worked with many businesses

How long it takes in setting up a Zapier integration?

Setting up a Zapier integration depends upon the requirements of the project, but we put all efforts to do it as quick as possible while ensuring proper testing of workflows

Do you offer ongoing support for Zapier?

Yes, we are always available for  maintenance of Zapier integrations we create.
Our experts will monitor your workflows to see they are running smoothly and sort out any issue that arise.