Ashar Malik

Ashar Malik

(CEO and Founder)

Ashar Malik started EasyAiz with a vision to improve the digital industry , He embarked on the creation of Easy Aiz with a singular goal – “To Redefine Opportunities For Businesses Through The Power Of Automation“. 

Ashar’s life philosophy centers around faith, business, and work. Faith forms the foundation of beliefs and values that shape worldviews. When Ashar isn’t busy automating the world, he’s known for his offbeat sense of humor and a knack for turning even the most mundane tasks into laugh-out-loud adventures.

 Ashar’s journey with EasyAiz began with a dedication to streamline and automate workflows for businesses worldwide. With a background in the Automation Industry and a heart that beats to the rhythm of innovation, he’s not your typical CEO. He’s often caught turning the office into a playground for new ideas.


Under Ashar’s leadership, EasyAiz has solidified its place as a leader in the industry. His astute strategic planning and unwavering dedication to quality have not only earned him a reputation as a trailblazer but have also made him a respected figure in the world of automation.

But what really sets Ashar apart is his unique guiding philosophy, “Every day is an opportunity to bring a little magic into the world.” It’s not just about business; it’s a reminder to approach life with a sense of wonder and creativity, making every endeavour a remarkable journey.

“Today, Ashar Malik is not just a CEO, he’s a creative force, injecting humour and innovation into the world of Zapier automation, making business operations efficient, effective, and downright entertaining”

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