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Mail Parser with Zapier: How to Automate Email Processing

Mail Parser with Zapier

Email continues to be a top communication channel for businesses. However, manually processing high volumes of business emails is time-consuming. This is where integrating Mail Parser and Zapier can help.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to connect Mail Parser and Zapier to automate your email parsing and workflows. Let’s get started!

How to Use Mail Parser with Zapier?

Integrating Mail Parser and Zapier enables you to automatically trigger actions in other apps based on parsed email data. Here’s how to set it up:

Connect Mail Parser and Zapier

First, you need accounts in both Mail Parser and Zapier. In Zapier, connect to the Mail Parser app and authenticate with your account details.

Create a Zap with Mail Parser

In Zapier, create a new Zap and select “New Parsed Email” as the trigger app and event. This will activate your Zap whenever Mail Parser processes a new email.

Next, add your desired action app and configure what should happen with the parsed email data. For example, you can create a new CRM contact or spreadsheet row.

Mail Parser will automatically pass the extracted email data to Zapier to trigger your workflows.

Benefits of amil parser integration with zapier

Mail Parser with Zapier: Benefits of Integration

Integrating Mail Parser and Zapier provides the following key benefits:

Automate Data Extraction

Mail Parser will instantly extract data from emails like names, companies, and contact info and send it to Zapier without any manual work.

Streamline Lead Enrichment

Enrich your leads automatically by capturing email data and cross-checking it against your CRM and other sources via Zaps.

Sync Data with CRM

Instantly add parsed contact data from emails into your CRM system like Salesforce to nurture leads faster.

Notify Sales of Key Emails

Get alerts in Slack or SMS when your sales team receives an email from a hot lead based on specific keywords.

Pricing Plans: Mail Parser with Zapier

Mail Parser Pricing Plan

Mail Parser has the following pricing tiers:

  • Free version for up to 30 emails/month
  • Professional at $39.95/month for 500 emails/month
  • Business at $99.95/month for 2000 emails/month
  • Premium at $299.95/month for 10000 emails/month

Zapier Pricing Plan

For Zapier, these are the pricing options:

  • Free plan for basic usage
  • Starter at $29.99/month with more features
  • Professional plan at $73.50/month per month
  • Team plan at $103.50/month
  • Custom plans for large businesses


Integrating Mail Parser and Zapier helps you effortlessly automate email processing and connect it with your other business apps.

Mail Parser extracts the data, while Zapier moves it between apps and triggers your workflow automation. Together, they can save you hours of manual work and boost productivity.

So install the pre-built connectors today to integrate Mail Parser and Zapier and maximize your email ROI.


Yes, connecting Mail Parser and Zapier will only take a few clicks through their pre-built integration.

It can parse out names, email addresses, companies, phone numbers, locations, and custom keywords from emails.

Zapier integrates with thousands of apps, including CRMs, email, calendars, cloud storage, and marketing and sales tools.

No coding is required. The integration and automation are configured through easy drag-and-drop and point-and-click in Zapier’s UI.

If you exceed the email allotments in your Mail Parser or Zapier pricing plan, you will be charged overage fees accordingly.