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Key Takeaways

  • It is difficult to find the best tools to increase productivity and streamline processes, but it is not impossible.
  • Zapier and Integromat are the best automation tools for you to create a streamlined workflow.
  • Make formerly known as Integromat, it is a no-code visual base automation tool that helps you automate tasks and integrate data.
  • Integromat is best for handling data manipulation and complex scenarios, which makes it the best choice to enhance efficiency.
  • Zapier, on the other hand, is the industry leader and a user-friendly automation tool; with its vast library of applications, it helps you automate your tasks with your favourite apps. It can easily adapt to the changes of a small to an enterprise-level business because of its simple Zaps and Zapier works without any code.
  • Zapier is the best choice for quick and simple automation tasks; however, Integromat is more flexible and complex because of its visual base interface; the choice lies between your unique needs.

Businesses are seeking ways to increase their productivity and streamline their processes. Losing a great deal of burden and saving money for an organization is essential. For this, we are comparing the two most powerful automation tools, Integromat vs Zapier.

No worries; Automation has greatly changed the world. Several tools, like Zapier, Integromat, etc., provide services to streamline processes, integrate workflow, provide efficiency, and automate your workflow. There is an excellent comparison between Integromat and Zapier, which leaves a great question about the best.

Explore the battle of the workflow of Automation: Integromat vs Zapier. Discover the strength of each platform from each Scenario. Make an informed choice of your own automation needs.

What is make(Formerly integromat)

Make, formerly Integromat, is a no-code, cloud-based, robust, versatile, and visual-based automation platform enabling users to connect various apps and provide services to automate tasks, streamline workflows, and integrate data. The Integromat platform provides users with a drop format editor that enables anyone to build Automation, making work easier. You can also get thousands of free automation templates. This platform is beneficial for data manipulation and handling complex scenarios, making it an essential tool for optimizing business workflow and enhancing efficiency.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a user-friendly, no-code workflow automation tool that automates tasks and connects apps. With its accessibility and ease of access, Zapier has proved the strongest. With its simple “Zap” setup, users can create an automated workflow based on triggers and actions. This platform supports a wide range of apps and offers pre-built templates. Zapier, the industry leader, provides benefits from Automation to everyone, whether it’s a new enterprise or the world’s finest organization.

Compare the functionalities of Zapier and make

Integromat Vs Zapier: Compare The  Functionalities

Zapier Functionalities

Zapier is a simple automation tool that provides a user-friendly interface. You can integrate with more than 6000+ applications. Anyone can create “Zaps” that trigger action in one app. Zapier has a vast number of functionalities. Here are some of the key features of Zapier:

  • App Integration:
    Create your workflow by connecting your integration with different applications. Fulfill your specific needs with App Integration. Zapier is flexible in automating your workflows. It Increases efficiency and reduces the possibility of human errors.
  • Trigger And Action Events:
    If you want to add or update something in your workflow, you will need “Trigger” to start Automation, saving you time and effort. First, select a trigger app, then name the event that will trigger the zap. Now, configure the additional settings related to the event. Zapier collects the relevant data and passes data to actions when the trigger event occurs. Zapier executes the configured action in specified action apps.
  • Multi-Step Zap:
    Multi-step Zap will help you add multiple triggers, searches, filters, and actions to one Zap. It will help you to reduce manual work and save time.

You will find various Zapier functions like customizable Zaps, the library of pre-built templates, schedule your Zaps, and even allow conditional logic to your Zaps. There are multiple functions of Zapier from where these came from, allowing you to create efficient and reliable Automation.

Integromat Functionality:

Integromat is a powerful automation tool like Zapier, allowing you to connect multiple applications. You can connect up to 1000 apps in Make (Integromat). With some new updates, there might be some changes in its functionalities. Here are some of the functionalities:

  • Integration of Apps and Services:
    Integromat allows you to connect with a wide range of web applications. It is the core functionality that allows you to automate your workflow with a drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Automation Workflows:
    You can create your Automation to seamlessly your workflow and reduce manual workflow with the series of modules. It can be Triggers, actions, and routers. It would help reduce errors, optimize your business, and improve efficiency.
  • Custom JavaScript:
    Integromat also allows you to add custom code to your workflow, providing more flexibility and capability to your Automation.

Like Zapier, Integromat has various functionalities such as transformation and filters, mapping and data transfer, conditional logic, real-time monitoring, and more.

How to use Integromat and zapier

Integromat vs Zapier: How to use?

How to Use Zapier?

Bring mighty changes in your sales and productivity with the help of Zapier.

  1. Create a Zapier account and log in.
  2. After logging in, make a “Zap.”
  3. Select an app to trigger the Automation.
  4. Follow the prompt to set up the specific trigger event.
  5. Connect your account.
  6. Test the trigger.
  7. Select an action app and define the action.
  8. Map the data field to ensure the data is transferred accurately.
  9. Name the Zap to identify its purpose easily.
  10. Turn on the Zap to start automating your workflow.
  11. Monitor your Zap; if it needs any changes, you can go back and edit your Zap.
  12. Create more Zaps to automate different workflows.

How to Use Make (Integromat)

Automate your workflow with Integromat between different web applications and services.

  1. Create an account to automate your workflow.
  2. After logging in, create a Scenario to start building your Automation.
  3. Choose the trigger app and specify the event.
  4. Now, Choose your account.
  5. Test the trigger.
  6. Choose an action and configure the action.
  7. Map the data field to ensure the data is transferred accurately.
  8. Test your actions.
  9. Name your Scenario to identify its purpose.
  10. Please turn on the Scenario and monitor its activities.
  11. Create more Scenarios to automate different workflows.
Compare Integroamt vs Zapier Error handling

Integromat vs Zapier: Compare error handling

Zapier Error Handling

Zapier provides some error-handling tools for automated workflows that occur during execution. You can see the overview of Zapier Error Handling tools:

  • Retry Mechanism:
    This feature will help you solve transient errors that could appear due to temporary issues with the connected apps or services.
  • Custom Error Handling:
    With the help of this feature, you can use the “Filter” step to handle the errors that might occur during the process conditionally.
  • Error Notifications:
    With this feature, you can set up notifications via mail, SMS, or through any messaging app so you can be notified when an error occurs in your Zap.
  • Logs History:
    Zapier keeps a log of each action and error of your Zap. It will help you identify the errors and their cause.
  • Monitoring And Alerts:
    Monitor your Zaps and set up alerts to get notified. Zapier allows you to ensure that your workflow is working as expected.

With the help of proper Error Handling, your automated workflows will run smoothly and reliably.

Integromat Error Handling: Make (Integromat)

Provides the features of Error Handling to ensure stable and reliable workflow automation.

  • Error Routing:
    In this feature, you can configure how Integromat should handle errors within the Scenario.
  • Error Aggregation:
    This feature can analyze the frequency and types of errors in your workflow.
  • Error Variables:
    Integromat provides variables that can store error-handling information. This feature allows you to customize error messages, notifications, and actions in your Scenario.
  • Conditional Logic:
    Set up your workflow with conditional logic, which will help your Automation to respond differently or whether an error or not.

With the proper error handling help, your integrations will run smoothly even when an error may occur.

Pricing plans Zapier vs Integromat

integromat vs zapier: comparing the pricing plans

Zapier Pricing Plan

Free plan

    • $0USD

    • 100 tasks per month.

    • Single-step Zaps

    • No-code editor

Starter plan

    • $29.99 USD per month

    • 750 tasks per month

    • Multi-step Zaps

    • Filters and formatters

    • Versions

Professional Plan

    • $73.50USD per month

    • 2K tasks per month

    • Unlimited premium apps

    • Autoreply

    • Custom logic with Paths

Team Plan

    • $103.50USD per month

    • 2K tasks per month

    • Unlimited Users

    • Premium support

    • Shared app connections

    • Live chat

Company Plan

    • $148.50USD per month

    • 2K tasks per month

    • Advance admin permissions

    • SAML single line in (SSO)

    • Custom data retention

Zapier also provides Yearly plans, Visit the site for other details.

Make (Integromat) Pricing Plan:

Free plan

    • $ 0 per month

    • 1000 Ops per month

    • No-code visual workflow builder

    • 1000+ apps

Core Plan

    • $ 10.59 per month

    • 10K Ops per month

    • Unlimited active scenarios

    • Minimum 1min interval between scheduled scenario executions

    • Access to the Make API

Pro Plan

    • $ 18.82 per month

    • 10K Ops per month

    • Custom variables

    • Scenario inputs

    • Full-text execution log search

    • Operations usage flexibility

    • Priority Scenario execution

Teams Plan

    • $ 34.12per month

    • 10K Ops per month

    • Multiple teams and permissions

    • High-priority scenario execution

    • Create and share scenario templates

Make also has yearly pricing plans. Visit the site for more details.

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Both Zapier and Integromat are no doubt powerful tools. As we have explored the functionalities and capabilities of these platforms, each platform has unique strengths that meet the audience requirements.

Zapier’s user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for quick and simple automation tasks. It bridges between 6000+ applications to create connections between your favourite applications. On the other hand, Integromat offers a high level of flexibility and complexity. It is a visual-based automation platform that connects you to 1000+ apps with robust capabilities.

Ultimately, the choice between Zapier and Integromat lies in your specific needs. Automating your work process is a step towards success, increasing your sales and efficiency, saving valuable time, and improving your productivity.

 It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.


Is Zapier worth it or Integromat?

Both Zapier and Integromat are popular tools. I believe that Zapier is the best choice. Zapier provides a simple automation workflow, a user-friendly interface, and an easy approach, while Integromat is a visual-based tool that makes it complex for everyone to use.

Is Integromat a middleware?

Yes, Integromat is a middleware tool. It acts as a bridge between various applications and services, allowing you to exchange data and create a reliable workflow.

Is Zapier an ETL tool?

Zapier can be considered a form of an ETL, but it might provide a different level of service than ETL-dedicated platforms.

What language is Zapier?

 Zapier is a web-based automation tool that allows you to create automated workflows with “Zaps.” You don’t have to write codes in a particular language. Zapier works without any direct need for codes.

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