Does zapier cost money?

Does zapier cost money

Zapier is one of the most famous automation tools that can automate different applications through integration by no-coding features of Zapier. Zapier uses Multiple APIs as a helping tools while dealing with some apps. Many people are asking a question! does Zapier cost money? 

Zapier has many pricing plans including individual plans to professional plans. It also offers a Free plan for beginners.

It offers 100 tasks/month for its free plan along with a single-step zap and No-code editor.


If someone goes for a starter package of Zapier it costs around 19.99 USD for a month and it is annually billed. It allows 750 tasks/month to an individual with the additional support of,

  • Multi-steps Zaps
  • Filters and formatters
  • Versions

Zapier also offers a Professional plan which costs around $49/ month and it is also annually billed.

This includes:

  • 2ooo tasks/ month
  • Unlimited premium apps
  • Autoreply
  • Custom Logic with paths

For Team, Zapier has a wonderful plan. A plan that includes everything that a team needs to collaborate and automate across the organization.

It costs around $399/month which is annually paid.

Zapier allows:

  • 50,000 tasks/month
  • Unlimited users
  • Premier support
  • Shared app connections

Amazed to see all these plans?


It does not stop here, yes!

 ZAPIER is here with its most usable plan.

It is for organizations that want automation with robust security features and oversight capabilities.

The company plan includes:

Everything in TEAM Plus:

  • 100,000 tasks/month
  • Advanced admin permissions
  • Custom data retention

This is all about Zapier Plans and pricing.


Happy Automation!