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Zapier is a tool that helps you create integrations between different web-based apps. It’s usually used for automating tasks and saving time on repetitive work. Zapier offers plans at four different levels: Free, Professional, Team and Enterprise.

The limited free plan is in many ways to prevent abuse of the services by those who are not serious about building integration with Zapier. But it does offer some benefits for the casual user or blogger. In this post, we’ll take a look at what you can do with the free plan and how it compares to other paid options from Zapier!

A free plan is limited to 100 Tasks per month so this plan works on very low level automation and it doesn’t offer multi step zaps, premium apps, filters and formatters, custom integration, paths, auto replay and AI by Zapier.

1. Limited number of zaps

Users on Zapier’s free plan are allowed to run a limited number of Zaps due to limited Tasks (if your Zap has an action to Add New Subscriber in Mailchimp, each subscriber that is added will count as one task.) Because of this if you make more zaps that spend more than 100 tasks, So you need to buy a paid plan. This means that if you want to automate more than five workflows simultaneously without upgrading, Zapier isn’t for you!

2. Limited to Two-step zaps

A two-step zap has one trigger and one action. For instance, a trigger is a form filled in on your website with an email to follow up automatically. If you have Zapier’s free plan for creating zaps this can be done easily but not so much otherwise. A multi-step zap allows a single trigger to perform more than 4 steps of action. After it happens like sending out automatic emails or SMS texts following these events:

1) Form Filled Out On Website -> Add them into CRM system 2) Email sent telling a potential customer about what they’ve just signed up for 3) Prefabricated “Thank You” text messages triggered by their signup being completed

3. Limited access to apps

Zapier offers 61 premium apps that are exclusively available to users on their paid plans. However, it’s important to note that there are still thousands of other regular applications that can be accessed through their free plan. Some examples include Shopify, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Facebook Lead Ads. While some others such as PayPal require a paid upgrade to access them for use with your accounts at these various relevant sites or tools.

4. No filters & formatting

Zapier does not give you the ability to set up filters for your zaps. Filters are steps that allow you to stop the zap from running based on certain criteria, but because they count as additional steps in a process Zapier’s free plan only offers one step per task. It doesn’t have this option available. For example, if you want an email follow-up with customers who use company emails like @google or @yahoo addresses then there is no way of doing so without paying more money (e.g., $20/month).

5. No custom integrations

Zapier is home to thousands of apps that you can use for free, but if an app doesn’t exist on Zapier there are two options. You could connect it via its API using webhooks or build a custom integration with the help of paid-a-plan features.

6. No auto-replay

It’s not uncommon for errors to arise on Zapier. Errors can happen at any time, and sometimes it is just because of temporary downtime in the app you’re trying to connect with.

In Zapier’s free plan, the system records these errors, but it won’t take any further action beyond that point. however, beginning from their Professional paid plan and up there is an auto-replay option which means if a zap fails due to an error once or twice (and after several retries) they’ll report the problem back so we can get things working correctly again!

7. Paths

Zapier has a feature called Zapier Paths that will allow you to build advanced workflows using branch logic running several actions dependent on filters. This is one of their more popular features, and it requires the Pro plan or above for this function to be available.

8. No AI By Zapier

Zapier newly launched a pre-built function called AI by Zapier. It is a tool which helps you to manage smart tasks and text handling. You can create text prompts to perform tasks in just a few minutes no code is required, but you have to upgrade your free plan to a paid plan for this feature.

Why upgrade free plan of zapier

Zapier indeed offers a free plan but it comes with a restriction of 200 tasks. This makes it difficult for users who have many connections and workflows that are not necessarily used all the time if they do not want to upgrade their accounts. If you log in more than once per month on Zapier’s website or use the application more often than every

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