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Key Takeaways

  • Zapier enhances the efficiency and productivity of both individuals and businesses.
  • Zapier’s has five pricing tiers, including a Free plan. Each plan has its unique features for different business needs.
  • The Free plan provides a starting point with 100 tasks, unlimited zaps, and single-user access at no cost.
  • Starter and Professional plans cover small businesses to the entrepreneur level, with multi-step automation at different prices.
  • Team and Company plans are designed for large organizations and provide unlimited users, extensive automation features, and centralized management for scalability.

Automation is becoming a fundamental part of businesses and individuals by increasing efficiency and productivity. Zapier is a powerful automation tool that offers countless benefits. Understanding Zapier’s pricing structure is important to make a decision about which plan meets your unique business needs. 
Zapier has a straightforward pricing plan with five main plans, which are Free plan, Starter plan, Professional plan, Team plan, and Company plan. Each plan has its features and capabilities that meet every individual and business’s needs.

Zapier Pricing: Choose the right pricing plan:

Zapier free plan and standing a man with a large size of pencil

Free Plan

Zapier’s free plan is an excellent start for every individual and small business who is planning to utilize automation. It offers 100 tasks with unlimited zaps, and it is also limited to a single user.


  • Two-step Zaps
  • Visual editor
  • Unlimited Zaps
Zapier Starter Plan and a standing man with large size of pencil

Starter Plan

This plan is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs with multi-step automation needs. The pricing plan starts from $19.99 to $39 per month with unlimited Zaps and 750 to 1.5k tasks, and it is also limited to a single user


  • Multi-step Zaps
  • Zap filters and formatting
  • Zap versions
  • Webhooks
Zapier Professoinal Plan and a standing man with large size of pencil

Professional Plan

This plan is suitable for businesses that require featured automation. Its pricing plan starts from $49 to $3389 with unlimited Zaps, 2k tasks to 2m tasks, and it is also limited to a single user. nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


  • Zap paths
  • Advanced Zap settings
  • Unlimited Premium apps
Zapier Team Pricing Plan and a standing man with large size of pencil

Team Plan

This plan is customized for large organizations and team collaborations with extensive automation requirements and a need for centralized management. The pricing plan starts from $69 to $3999, offering unlimited Zaps and 2k to 2m tasks, and it is available for unlimited users.


  • Unlimited users
  • Shared app connections
  • Shared workspace
  • Premier Support
Zapier Company Pricing Plan and a standing man with large size of pencil

Company Plan

Its pricing plan is custom for every organization that wants robust automation with advanced features and capabilities. It provides unlimited Zaps, and unlimited users can use it.


Conatct Sales
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO)
  • Advanced admin permissions
  • Custom data retention

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The Zapier pricing plan is to support a variety of users. To choose the right plan, check out your current automation requirement. You can easily change your plans to meet your needs. Zapier pricing offers flexibility and scalability. It is a valuable tool to enhance your business’s productivity and efficiency. 


What is Zapier, and how can it benefit businesses?

Zapier is an automation tool that can increase efficiency and productivity for businesses and individuals by automating repetitive tasks and integrating various apps and software.

How many pricing tiers does Zapier offer, and what are they?

Zapier offers five pricing plans, which are the Free plan, Starter plan, Professional plan, Team plan, and Company plan. Each plan is designed to benefit different business needs and sizes.

What features are included in Zapier’s Free plan?

The Free plan includes features such as 100 tasks per month, unlimited zaps, and single-user access at no cost. It provides a starting point for individuals and small businesses to automate their workflow.

What are the key features of Zapier’s Professional plan?

The Professional plan offers features such as unlimited premium apps, autoreply, custom logic with Paths, and a 2-minute update time. This plan caters to businesses with more advanced automation needs.

How does Zapier’s pricing structure accommodate different business sizes?

Zapier’s pricing plans are designed to scale with businesses. They offer plans tailored to individual users, small businesses, and large organizations and even customizable plans for companies with advanced automation requirements.

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