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AI Tools to Connect with Zapier

AI has proven to be a game changer in a short period, and in the future, it will change how businesses work. Automation has also proven itself to change how businesses work. If we combine the strengths of AI and Automation, it can easily prove to be the best and most powerful combination to succeed in the competitive world. But a question remains: Which AI and Automation tool to use?

The answer is simple: Zapier is the top tool for automating our processes because of its simple and user-friendly interface. However, in terms of AI, many tools have special capabilities. Let’s learn about the top AI tools and their special functionalities and uses.


ChatGPT is your assistant, conversion list, writer, summarizer, and translator. Automate ChatGPT to automatically read your incoming emails, write a response in Gmail, and create a ChatGPT bot in your workplace that can respond to your questions. There are different ways to use ChatGPT with Zapier. You can connect Zapier ChatGPT with Slack to create assistance that analyzes the context and generates a response to the context. With this same functionality, you can also connect Zapier ChatGPT with Google Docs and Asana to assist you in their own manner.

ChatGPT is also suitable for writing; you can create emails, outlines, articles, or draft messages in a folder because they can be analyzed before sending. By integrating ChatGPT with Zapier, customer communication has become a streamlined process; now, you don’t need to respond to your customers by yourself; create an AI bot for your work process to answer on your behalf.


Mem is an AI-powered notes app. It is a traditional folder-based system; Mem uses artificial intelligence to group similar content together and display it as needed. You can still actively create relationships between items using features like tags and bidirectional links.

Connecting Mem to Zapier allows you to integrate Mem with other apps in their workflow. For example, you can automatically create mems in Mem based on actions taken in other apps, such as receiving new emails in Outlook, messages in Slack, or starred emails in Gmail. Mem is a central hub for their digital life, pulling in data from emails, calendars, messaging apps, and other work tools. It simplifies the information and makes it easily accessible to users and their teams.

Browser AI

Browser AI is an automatic learning AI application. The operator takes action, watches, and then can do it. It’s a single-take technology. It can perform data extraction and monitoring and automate your tasks. Its popular integration, for example, saves you hours by extracting thousands of data from any app to a spreadsheet with a single click. Your next popular integration is about being able to notify your team of real-time dynamic pricing changes. Using it to know your competitor’s pricing helps your team save time moving full speed into other areas to grow and improve your business.

Seamless AI

If you are searching for a tool to find contacts and emails, Seamless AI is the best tool to collect leads from the professionals and sales team you are trying to reach. It is the real-time engine for your business contacts. Connecting it with Zapier will further streamline the process, as once you find all the contacts, you will want to add them to your database like a spreadsheet or CRM to save time and reduce manual errors. With the help of Zapier, you can also create follow-up tasks in your CRM, Trello, and Asana. It will help you stay on top of follow-up tasks and for better response, and you can even notify your team about new contacts and ready them to reach out immediately.


Fathom is a free AI software that collects data from your Zoom or Google meetings and transforms it into text. It helps you to focus on the meeting easily and makes you free of the worry of taking notes. It also helps you to edit, view segments, or share your video in whatever way you like. By connecting it to Zapier, you can record your meeting, transcribe it, and summarize it. It will help you to send important key takeaways of the meeting to your team who have not attended the meeting so that they can be aware of the company’s progress and plans. You can easily share product feedback or information with your teammates. Integration also helps you to create short summaries or recordings of your calls.

Read AI

Read AI designed to process and understand textual content. These tools leverage this tool works on natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract meaning, identify entities, and generate ideas from written text. For example, by connecting Read AI with Zapier, you can automatically summarize emails, categorize documents, or extract key information from articles. By automating text analysis tasks, Read AI tools enhance productivity and decision-making processes for businesses and individuals alike.

Grain Ai:

Grain captures and shares key takeaways from video calls to help you work faster. This AI tool is like an internal plan to work faster and share information as soon as possible to get back to work. The main challenge is to share the key takeaways with your teammates, and the solution is to connect Grain with Zapier to integrate a solution by sending highlights to Slack and communicating quickly. It also helps you and your team remain current by collecting data on your meetings with your clients or other companies regarding deals in HubSpot. If you integrate it with Salesforce, you can save your highlights of call recordings with your customers automatically.


Descript is an AI-powered audio and video editing tool that offers transcription, editing, and voice synthesis features. Integrating Descript with Zapier allows you to automate audio and video content tasks, such as transcribing recorded meetings or generating video subtitles. Additionally, Zapier integration allows seamless collaboration by automatically sharing edited content with team members or syncing it with other tools and platforms. Descript’s integration with Zapier streamlines multimedia content creation and editing processes, saving time and enhancing productivity.


Heygen is a creative AI that creates Creative and amazing AI videos with various avatars and voices on different templates. You can even translate videos into different languages; creating and integrating with Zapier allows you to create avatar videos, take photos, or video templates for business purposes in seconds. It saves a lot of time, and you will not be obliged to put hours into making long videos or designing photos that can attract customers to your website. Integration helps you to promote your business in a short period and is very crucial for your progress. These videos were created quickly and saved a lot of resources like money, time, and human effort.

Copy AI

It’s a free AI tool for everyone. It is used to generate blog headlines, write content, and write emails. Copy AI is more reliable than ChatGPT. It provides various tools and is available in over 25 languages. Through it, you can easily generate simple content in a matter of time with a simple interface. Through its integration, you can share your content among different websites and save time. You have to write the content and its sharing will be done automatically while you can easily use your time in doing other works of your brand. You can track your competitors’ content analysis by notifications.

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In conclusion, combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Zapier increases efficiency and competitiveness in the market. While several AI tools offer unique functionalities and benefits when combined with Automation platforms like Zapier, they become even more powerful, creating easy and simple processes and maximizing productivity.

The combination of AI and Automation, particularly through Zapier, presents a complete and final solution for businesses to achieve successful growth in this competition. By utilizing the unique features of AI tools and the efficiency of the Zapier platform, businesses can increase and enhance productivity and bring innovation, positioning themselves for success.

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